Richard Podolny, M.D. LLC

Welcome to the web site of Richard Podolny, M.D. Dr. Podolny’s medical practice is modeled after a growing trend of solo private practitioners that are attempting to recapture traditional values of the doctor-patient relationship in our current medical system.

The medical practice is designed to enhance the doctor-patient relationship by providing personalized, hands on, accessible health care. Dr. Podolny practices independently, with minimal staff requirements. The utilization of readily available technologies such as the internet and electronic health records (EHR) as well as maintaining a small patient registry allows for time normally spent on logistics to be dedicated to patient care.

Dr. Podolny is board certified in the primary care specialty of Family Medicine. He also has over 30 years experience in multiple aspects of alternative and complementary medicine.

Dr. Podolny combines his experience in traditional allopathic medicine, the psychology of health and well being, and an extensive understanding of body mechanics and the mind/body connection to provide efficient, effective help in the areas of general adult and adolescent medicine, chronic pain syndromes, sports medicine, and disorders of the psyche such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD.