My purpose is to provide quality health care that is personalized and comprehensive. I am trained in both integrative and conventional medicine and have no bias in their application. At any given moment any intervention may be appropriate. Sometimes an MRI or course of antibiotics is the perfect intervention. Other times life style changes, acupuncture, or flower essences may be the key. Assessing what that intervention is, and its application in a timely manner, I believe is the essence of personalized and appropriate health care.


Integrative medicine is a whole-person approach to health care that integrates complementary, evidence-based therapies with conventional state of the art medical care. Evidence-based means clinically proven and backed by objective, non-biased evidence.

Integrative Medicine:

• Views the patient as being ultimately responsible for his/her well being.

• Fosters and maintains a partnership with the patient, using therapies which both patient and physician feel comfortable.

• Evaluates and recommends treatment options that address the cause of an illness as well as the symptoms.

• Focuses on treating not only the body but also the mind and spirit.

• Recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. One pill does NOT fit all. At any given instance, any intervention, may be appropriate. Finding the appropriate intervention for a given individual is the essence of excellent health care.

• Appreciates our health, our disease, as a reflection of multiple factors all of which are interconnected. The symptoms and causes of chronic illnesses may be addressed by finding balance in these areas:

Environment / Emotional history and how we feel / Thoughts about ourselves and the world around us / Spiritual life Relationships / Genetic predisposition / Life style / Nutrition