Medical Examination for Immigration / i-693

Dr. Podolny is a designated Civil Surgeon and is authorized to perform the medical examination and completion of the
i-693 form
Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

We charge $200.00 for the immigration physical plus tax. This includes 2 meetings. The first meeting is for the actual physical exam and a review of medical records and history as well as coordinating the various lab tests and vaccinations that will be needed. The second visit is to finalize the paperwork. As of October 2018 USCIS Will ONLY accept blood tests for the Tuberculosis requirement. These tests can be costly and may take up to 2 weeks to obtain results. Please be aware of these time and cost issues. We will accept and provide the traditional PPD TB test until the October 2018 change.

For individuals that are off island there is an additional $75.00 charge for the extra coordination/evaluation in preparation for a single visit completion of the forms.

The only accepted immunization records are originals or copies of originals with Month, day, year dates and accurate dosing information. If they are in a foreign language an accurate translation needs to be provided. If the immunization information is not complete then the examinee may opt for either blood tests which will demonstrate they have been vaccinated or to repeat the vaccinations themselves. If a female applicant requires vaccinations a pregnancy test may be requested depending on the vaccination. There is an $8.00 additional fee for this.

Depending on the level of documentation which you provide additional vaccinations, chest X ray, and/or blood tests may be required. These are not included in the $200 fee as they are done off site. (If you have health insurance it may cover the costs) We will give you the required prescriptions and lab work as needed and help coordinate the reports to finalize the exam. Please be aware that USCIS requires a comprehensive physical exam to rule out communicable diseases of the skin (Hansen's disease), tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Please bring:

1. The i-693 form with your information filled in just on the first page
2. A valid Photo ID (Passport, Driver's license or State Identification Card
3. All available immunization records including pre-school and school-age children
4. Any record of a chest x-ray within the past 12 months
5. Any records of TB testing. The PPD skin test will be accepted up until October 2018. After October 1st a Tuberculosis blood test will be required. Either Test must be completed less than six months prior to the exam
6. Your history of Chickenpox (Varicella)